tuesday special - Fry Chicken

BBQ Fry Chicken

Jamaican BBQ fry chicken near me could be right at Brampton Gem’s Jerk. The restaurant delivers the best Caribbean food North of Toronto. It’s the preparation that makes all the juices going. Use water and vinegar to wash the chicken before seasoning. Then, how to

Cook Jamaican BBQ fry chicken?

Include Jamaican various seasonings. Such as garlic salt, parsley, cayenne pepper, habanero, black pepper, paprika. Best part is to rub all the seasoning into the chicken. And mix into the meat. The meat is quarter chicken or other parts. For instance, thighs, drumsticks or wings. The flavours all blend in for a delicious meal. Meanwhile, prepare the oil to fry the chicken. And use medium heat to make hot oil. Afterwards, fry the pieces coated in flour and tasty seasoning. The Jamaican BBQ fry chicken becomes golden brown while cooking it. It’s quick to fry it. And then rid off the excess oil while laying the meat on the paper towel.

Finally, the fried chicken pieces will blend in with sauce. Make it a mix of different appetizing flavours. From ketchup, BBQ sauce to sugary products or honey. When you mix all ingredients well, place the BBQ fried chicken in a casserole. Meat pieces at the bottom and the sauce must add to it. Basting brush for dry heat cooked meats seems perfect.  At Gem’s Jerk, you could even ask for a BBQ fried chicken sandwich.

Jamaican BBQ fry chicken comes in small or large servings. Order it now! And get the best savoury taste of BBQ fried chicken in Brampton.