Best Jerk Chicken in Brampton - available at Gem's House of Jerk

Best Jerk Chicken in Brampton

Best Jamaican jerk chicken is among the most popular Caribbean dishes. The recipe could be Jamaican style or the simple savoury dish. Our patrons love to have the famous Jamaican style. It cooks well and the chicken gets the dark, crusty edges.

But what is jerk chicken? You may not be familiar with the name. In short, it is authentic Jamaican food uniquely prepared with specific Caribbean seasoning. Dry spices are firmly shaken and they mix with the chicken. One finds a few alternatives to cook this meal. On a gas or charcoal grill, or even in the oven. When using the grill method, take note of the spices you rub on the chicken for flavour. Put pimento leaves on the grill. They bear a strong fragrance which spreads to the chicken.

When you search for ‘jerk chicken near me’ and live North or West Toronto, you’ll find our restaurants in Brampton. The best is here ready to serve you with the tastiest flavour of this meal.

Our signature best jerk chicken recipe prepares the meat toast with the authentic, fresh spices. Then, the meat combines with the perfect marinade sauce. If you wonder what to serve with this special dish, ask us. Various side dishes produce special tastes you won’t forget. You’ll please yourself with plenty of delicious options.

Served with a signature sauce, this excellent meal is sought after. The jerk chicken marinade exhibits the perfect balance of sweet, heat and savoury as our customers like to say. Therefore they keep coming to our restaurants for the specials and other savoury cooked dishes. The meals appeal to them. In Brampton, lovely thoroughly cooked, and not all dark, it is the best jerk chicken you’d enjoy.