Does Gem’s Jerk cater for weddings?

At Gem’s Jerk, patrons delve into the menus. Oftentimes, we hear them asking “do you cater for weddings?”

Indeed our restaurant caters authentic Caribbean food from Jamaican cuisine. With Gem’s Jerk Jamaican catering, you get professional services. How are they offered to you? A bundle of simple, yummy meals. Dependable, helpful professional catering services staff. It means worthwhile, valuable services for you. With a bundle, you get affordable wedding catering, too. Some keep asking us.

What do you cater at a wedding?

It’s simple, tasty, and cherished. We deliver a complete Caribbean catering. Not surprisingly, with an essence of Jamaican catering. Keep reading and you’ll see the tempting meals to grab. You’ll find a complete authentic Jamaican cuisine. Cooked and served by the dedicated best staff in Brampton.

Browse here some of the meals we cater for weddings.

Jerk chicken, oxtail, goat curry, stew chicken. Add some veggies: rice and peas, coleslaw. Salads are healthy. As well, you could include them in the menu. For instance, take pasta salad, and green salad. Offerings to you are countless. Flavorful and savoury. Add some spice from the Caribbean.  

Any time before, after or during your event, relax, enjoy. Find delight in your food, in your company.

Go on! And order special food for your great event! Gem’s Jerk caters for weddings has been a long, pleasant experience. Not for one only, but for all parties.