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Is Jamaican Jerk chicken unhealthy

Is Jamaican Jerk chicken unhealthy

Jamaican jerk chicken unhealthy meal, can it be? An unhealthy meal could stem from its unhealthy ingredients. At Gem’s House of Jerk we care to cook tender chicken. Therefore, we look for the raw meats which make the best meals. And they are chicken.

Is Jerk chicken heart healthy?

As one of the healthiest meals, we make the best Jamaican jerk chicken. It may contain a fair amount of calories, 1,100. Only if served with sides and eat the chicken skin. However, you should not consider the Jamaican Jerk chicken unhealthy. Firstly, it’s cooked with olive oil, a healthy plant oil with fewer calories. Secondly, the dish includes seasoning healthy for your body. Let’s take a look at a few

Health benefits of the Jamaican jerk chicken

The allspice seasoning is healthy. It helps digestion. On the other hand, thyme spice kills certain bacteria producing inflammations. Cinnamon is used in the recipe helping to relieve arthritis pain. Your body experiences less inflammation, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The habanero – is 100 times spicier than jalapeno – can kill cancer cells. It speeds up your body metabolism. It contains ginger which has proved to lower blood sugar levels. Paprika is also an ingredient in the meal. It’s antioxidant and vitamin rich: A, E, B6, C. Additionally, garlic lowers the risk of heart disease and it’s full of antioxidants.

Then, what can make the Jamaican Jerk chicken unhealthy? Not much. How we cook it, it’s healthy. On the grill, not fried.