Authentic Jamaican Cuisine in Brampton

Your Authentic Jamaican Cuisine in Brampton

The authentic Jamaican cuisine at Gem’s House of Jerk exhibits various foods. They imbibe the famous quintessential Jamaican flavours. Traditional Jamaican food combines multiple spices. As such cloves, nutmeg, ginger, garlic to name a few. It gives off the special jerk seasoning.


Consequently, spices are of prime use. So are herbs in Jamaican dining. The chef prepares excellent main dishes in the traditional Jamaican food at Gem’s House of Jerk. They adventure with different kinds of meat. For example, goat in a delicious roti. Or curry goat with Indian spice flavour. Many meals have beef. Besides, the stranger wonders at a cow foot dish or an oxtail meal.


The Jamaica national dish – saltfish and ackee – is often served at Gem’s House of Jerk restaurant. Chicken and fish are part of most meals. Therefore, you may order king fish, or saltfish. Fried fish is believed to make your body stronger. The sides are mostly vegan. Consequently, they’re made of veggies, fruit from traditional Jamaican foods. Plus, our patrons welcome great snacks. See it for yourself with fried plantain, dumplings.


Having a meal from the authentic Jamaican cuisine at Gem’s Jerk? Then, enjoy the environment. Cozy restaurant appealing to the spicy adventure. Your meals mixed with flavorful jerk seasoning, and a smile. Ultimately, a simple, delightful traditional Jamaican food makes your day.


The meals are zesty in the foods of the world. A unique signature of an authentic Jamaican cuisine.