Callaloo Saltfish

Callaloo & Saltfish

Sauteed saltfish served with callaloo means cooking with green leafy vegetables. Healthy greens, helping your immune system, especially in winter.

You have Callaloo and saltfish for breakfast. Or as a lunch or dinner meal. Really, no boundary for the timing. It’s up to you!

How Gem’s Jerk prepares it will delight your taste. It’s sauteed saltfish. Firstly, you may remove the salt and make it more palatable.

Sauteed saltfish served with a callaloo recipe is simple. Yet so satiating! In part, because the saltfish makes it so. But what kind of fish do you like? The favorite is codfish. In fact, any type of white fish. It preserves and dries well after salting.

Further on your recipe, add spice plants on a medium heated oil. Keep the medium fire going while cooking – saute – garlic, onions, thyme and Scotch bonnet pepper. This gives off the Jamaican flavour spice. In addition, throw in the tomatoes, and saltfish. Understanding it goes without bones. The mix of onion, garlic, tomatoes, thyme and Scotch bonnet pepper is perfect to improve your body’s immune response. All steamed with a cover. In almost no time – 12-15 minutes – your saltfish becomes soft. In the meanwhile, mix with black pepper. And at the last minute, boil.   

The dish is served with rice. However, it goes well with dumplings, breadfruit. Or hard dough bread, boiled bananas, or the popular fried plantain.

Give the Sauteed saltfish served with callaloo a shot at Gem’s Jerk restaurant! And remember its awesome flavour!