Goat Roti

Jamaican goat roti is a tasty and popular Caribbean food. It spread to Ontario and Quebec mostly during the 20th century and in the last 30 years. It’s one of our signature meals at Gem’s House of Jerk restaurant.

How to make goat roti?

The best way to cook the Jamaican goat roti is in a food processor. The meat takes a while to get tender. And to reach the texture that makes your mouth watery.

The authentic goat curry recipe is made of three parts. First is the delicious and spicy seasoning. The second is goat meat. The third is the flatbread or roti

The seasoning contains cilantro, coriander, scallion, garlic, red onion, ginger. Add salt and ground black pepper. Add it to the meat cut in pieces. Massage the meat so the seasoning distributes evenly. Now the meat is spiced and coated. In a separate bowl enrich the curry. Add cumin and Indian spice mix, green seasoning, and water. The natural oils: olive, or coconut are best to use. Fry the curry mix in hot oil for 30 minutes. Add the seasoned and flavorful meat. Coat it well with the cooked curry. While being cooked, the goat meat releases its natural juices. Let the meat cook slowly to absorb all the spice. You can add more seasoning.  It can be a bay leaf, and a cinnamon stick.

Prepare the roti from the dough made of all-purpose and self-rising flour. At our menu the meat is generally wrapped in a layered roti. You can enjoy it on the go. And the large goat roti serving seems perfect for our patrons’ appetite!