Jamaican Liver and Banana

Jamaican Liver and Banana

Want your day to start with a nutritious breakfast? Pick a Jamaican recipe of a mixed protein and carbs. Such as Jamaican liver and banana recipes.

It’s a popular dish made of cow’s liver and banana. Part of beef liver recipes. And what is it made of?

Firstly, combine spices, black pepper, oregano, habanero (or a hot pepper), paprika, basil , thyme, garlic and onions. Then add olive oil and Worcestershire sauce, essential for flavour. Clean the liver carefully in detail. Put everything in a food processor. In addition, cook your liver softly in the stew. And make the Jamaican brown stew liver with mixes of the condiments.

This meal has many attractive parts. Healthy, since it incorporates nutritious spices plus rich mineral organs. Nutritious, as it includes a variety of minerals, such as magnesium, iron, zinc. And various B vitamins.

Exotic. It’s coming with bananas by the liver.

Plus, you don’t need much time to prepare this delicious, palatable meal. Neither to cook it. However, you must take into account some minuscule details. On one hand, it refers to making the liver soft, attractive to eat. You already know when to stop cooking the beef liver. On the other hand, use techniques similar to how to cook liver stew. On top, you can add caramelized sugar and simmer the liver. Finally, add boiled green bananas. Boiled for how long? It’s complicated? Then, order the delicious dish from Gem’s House of Jerk. Cooking from the best in Brampton Jamaican liver and banana recipes.