Monday Special - Stew Chicken - Sauteed tender chicken in a creamy stew

Monday Special – Stew Chicken – A Sauteed tender chicken in a creamy stew

This Monday special will bring you a savoury meal of chicken. Taste a tender chicken cooked slowly in our kitchen.

It’s not just the goodness feeling of stew chicken. The savour stems from making a stew of tender parts of the popular white meat. And not only the parts make the food great. It’s the type of poultry we’re confident gives the wonder, look and delight. As well, when you choose to eat the tender parts, pieces of meat may be small. Some different chicken, the grand one, has large pieces. However, it doesn’t have the soft meat.

Therefore, enjoy the tender parts of a small, delicious white meat. You get the best sauteed tender chicken with Jamaican style seasoning. In addition, do not forget the base of salt and pepper. Moreover, our cuisine requires the stew chicken to be prepared in a creamy sauce. The savoury food includes the spice stirred in the sauteed chicken meal. With essential vegetables giving off the myriad of mixed flavours, the Monday special turns up. Precisely called sauteed tender chicken in a creamy sauce.

No question, you get the mouthwatering sauce of the Gem’s House of Jerk. Ask us about the flavoursome ingredients. We’d love to share the delectable taste with you. The authentic Jamaican cuisine requires just the right amount of red pepper. Your sauteed tender chicken has it. Or would you rather have less hot burning spice? You can certainly find out. Order the sauteed tender chicken in a creamy sauce as your flavoured Monday special.