oxtail curry

Oxtail Curry

You might not be familiar with authentic Jamaican cuisine. They use parts of animals to cook delicious meals. For instance, oxtail is the skinned tail of a cow or ox. Recently, it can be the tail of any cattle. Such as angus or hereford. And the oxtail curry meal in a nutshell is cooked with the animal part and curry spices.

Oxtail is not only good to eat, it’s an amazingly palatable dish. Relatively easy to make. Just have the patience while it’s cooking in your preferred way. Then, how should oxtail be cooked? Is it done in the oven or on the stove? Some even use a pressure cooker. In our experience, the mixed ingredients blend well in the oven. At constant 325F temperature, the oven cooking makes the meat tender. Moreover, all the spices combine evenly. What is special at Gem’s House of Jerk about oxtail curry? The spices blend in wonderfully. In addition, you’d only mix in curry. Add healthy garlic. For more flavour, blend in some sage, oregano and thyme. Some recipes call in to add coconut milk. It’s an option as is the cooking wine. The yummy meal can  be prepared without.

At Gem’s House of Jerk, you also get oxtail curry catering. It comes in small, medium, or large enticing sizes. Add to it a choice of sides, a bucket of soup. In addition, have a healthy salad. Coleslaw, pasta salad or green salad of your choice. Don’t miss this delightful meal! Order today at 905.494.0944 the Airport location or at 905.453.6454 at the Gillingham Dr. Location.