Thursday Special - Curry Chicken

Thursday Special – Savoury Curry Chicken

Thursday special curry chicken is an excellent value meal. Especially this day of the week. After all, you get it for a substantial discount. This culinary gem with spices from the Caribbean will delight your taste buds. The all day special is available at an outrageously great price. And it includes a healthy drink!

Check out how you can get it as your meal. Just ask about the dine-in or delivery options. In addition, takeaways are other frequent alternatives for our busy customers. Looking good on your plate! Also ready to enjoy the unmistakable taste of curry? Well…Yeah! But, first of all, how is the Thursday special curry chicken cooked? Why does it look so tempting?

Let’s start with the beginning. The curry spices blend into the chicken. Initially, the chef prepares the mix of the various condiments. It includes, black pepper, oregano, and some specific Jamaican spices. Of course, not to forget the curry.


Then, the chicken gets simmered. The boiling pot is covered for a while. And let the meat get tender.  The veggie oil, a bit of flour and water make up a flavorful, creamy sauce. Furthermore, it all blends in. The chef lets it simmer until cooked. Generally, it could be about half an hour. Thereafter, the meal sides seem perfect for the curry chicken. Try out veggies with white rice as one. Or the other – the savoury rice and peas.


Now you have the complete meal you’re ready to take in. Appreciate to the fullest and order the Thursday special curry chicken!