Tuesdays Special - Fried Chicken

Tuesday Special – Deep-fried breaded chicken

Deep-fried breaded chicken is on special Tuesdays at Gem’s Jerk. The craved prepared meat is served in various ways. You may have it with a few delicious sides. You’ll also enjoy it in between waffles or as a sandwich.


Next, the key is to keep the meat in the marinade sauce to blend with the flavours. It stays in the fridge even overnight to mix it well. As well, the mixing ingredients of the sauce make it a strong, palatable flavour. With suitable spice for the meal, your deep-fried breaded chicken includes those from oregano to dried sage.


Moreover, adding dried thyme boosts pleasant seasoning. The condiment mix also contains paprika or cayenne pepper. In addition, for a healthier, stimulating, and tasty intake it includes onion powder and garlic powder. Diverse herbal fragrances in balanced portions make the meal increasingly popular.


Later, the seasoned meat comes out of the fridge. Unquestionably, it’s crucial to bring the chicken to room temperature before preparing. Gem’s Jerk uses varied oil flavours to deep fry a perfect meat in a course. Consequently, the dry mix covers the chicken ready for the deep fry. Using Gem’s Jerk top-class frying appliances make it a great deep frying meal. Cooking with care exposes the breaded coat evenly. Therefore, it’s pleasant to your sight as it is in your mouth.

It brings you delight just by looking at the Gem’s Jerk deep-fried breaded chicken.