Wednesday Special - Jerk Chicken

Wednesday Special Jerk Chicken

Wednesday special jerk chicken offers a tasty meal at Gem’s House of Jerk. You’ll enjoy the ingredients cooked with care. Their unique mix with the chicken makes the food so savoury. Unquestionably, it’s not only how it tastes. You’ll also see a perfect colourful appearance of the meal. Furthermore, various parts of this meal display different colours. Harmoniously, they appear spread on the plate giving a sense of fullness.


No wonder, many folks visit our restaurant to order the Wednesday special jerk chicken. And you could ask: how is it cooked? Simply, in the classy Caribbean style. The meat grasps its distinct flavour from piquant seasoning. Moreover, it mixes in the marinade sauce with the chicken for hours. It can easily stay in the fridge overnight. In addition, the combination makes the simple, yet most popular best Caribbean food.


Generally, it’s tempting to prepare it in the oven. You’d absolutely think the zest is much stronger cooked this way. Surprisingly, an equally delicious savory experience comes with the grilled jerk chicken. Pot it plainly. Your deal is not just about the yummy flavours. You pocket savings as it comes with a whopping discount on Wednesdays. Moreover, you’ll appreciate the choice of sides. There may be rice and peas or white rice with veggies. And why not a healthy drink included?


Whether you take out or eat-in, the popular meal is awaiting your appreciation. Count on our staff to deliver Wednesday special jerk chicken just for you!