Find out 10 Best Traditional Jamaican Foods

10 Best Traditional Jamaican Foods

Across Canadian Ontario communities, the Jamaican dishes are sought-after. Look for the best traditional Jamaican foods. Or ask what’s “the best Jamaican food near me.” You may be curious

What are the Best Traditional Jamaican Foods?

Curry goat

Jamaican curry makes all the taste of this meal. Allspice curry simmered meat off the bone. Your delight with rice and peas.

Jerk chicken

The chicken soaked in spiced marinade. Then, grill it. The meal tops the best Caribbean foods with peas, rice or other veggies.

Ackee & saltfish

An authentic Jamaican dish, the national Jamaican meal. The Ackee fruit combines perfectly with the spiced codfish, various veggies, chili and tomatoes.

Callaloo & saltfish

Callaloo is a mix of amaranth, chopped leafy greens. Boiled, diced, then fried with saltfish.

Liver and banana

Stew beef liver with boiled banana makes a delicious protein-rich breakfast.

Cow foot

Nutritious slow-cooked meal. Lots of Jamaican seasoning.

Tripe & beans

Specialty food made of the lining of beef stomach. Slow and long cooking, nutritious and flavorful.


Lots of meat on an oxtail! Although tough, it’s cartilage-rich. However, the meal is cooked slowly. Then, enjoy tenderness.

Goat roti

Marinated goat, sautѐ with Jamaican spice for special taste. Simmer. Have with hummus: chickpeas and black beans.

Brown Stew Fish

Fried fish, low-heat stew cooked in a sweet savoury sauce. Lots of Jamaican spices, herbs. Your tasty choice.

Come and have the best traditional Jamaican foods. You’ll love them!