easter Special at Gem's house of Jerk

Easter Special at Gem’s House of Jerk

When you get the Easter Special at Gem’s House of Jerk you enjoy a variety of Caribbean foods.

As you know, spring Easter celebrations are almost here! Order the rich traditional Caribbean meals with Jamaican Festivals. Indeed! Fried dumplings are coming with the Easter Special at Gem’s House of Jerk. Fried fish, bammy, fried dumpling meals cooked at the finest. For those new to the delicious Jerk foods, bammy is the yummy Jamaican flatbread made of cassava plant.

Is this all you get in your special Easter feast?

You also get the savory fried plantain. Consequently, you may have it with fried fish, bammy and fried dumplings. And this is not all. In addition, tasty Easter buns are ready for you, your family and friends. There’s plenty to select from a generous diversity of Easter buns.

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When you add Festivals to your order, you’ll find an exclusive taste of the meals we are happy to deliver. And find our fried plantain smooth and yummy as part of your special Easter meal.

Easter Special at Gem’s House of Jerk: what’s more?

Of course, the nutritive Jamaican Tastee Cheese.

The cheese includes some main nutrients such as calcium and protein. Therefore, it’s a source of necessary vitamins and minerals. You could find these among them in the Tastee cheese: Vitamin A, some vitamin B – including B2 and B12 – and the powerful antioxidant zinc. Without doubt the elements fortify your bone system. Zinc is known to contribute to better vision by activating Vitamin A in the body.

Due to its nutrients, you may want to add the Tastee cheese in your special Easter meal. You won’t have to have it by itself. The Gem’s Jerk wide selection of yummy Easter Buns complements the flavour. Get ready to enjoy various types of Easter buns:

  • Hammonds Easter Bun
  • Purity
  • Yummy
  • HTB
  • Miss Birdie

Feel the unique feast with good vibes.

Visit us. Relax and enjoy!

Taste amazingly satisfying meal.

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